CAT Grooming Services

Matting and Dematting

From time to time your pet may develop tangles or knots throughout the coat. Once the hair gets tangled it will only continue to worsen, eventually pulling tightly on the pet's skin. This can become very uncomfortable. 

Dematting requires an extra amount of time in addition to the haircut. If matting is severe, dematting is usually not an option because it can be an unpleasant experience for your pet. In this case the coat must be shaved close enough to reach underneath the matts. 

Our dematting charges are based on the extra amount of time spent dematting your pet. 
If the matts are small we usually do not charge, however, we will have to see your pet to determine the severity of the matting and will give a price estimate at that time. 

Average dematting charges are $5 and up.

  • Flea Bath - $5

  • Specialty Shampoo $5
  • Furminator Brush out - $5

Bath & Brush

Hair Cutting & Styling

Ear Cleaning

At Happy Paws Pet Spa we offer a full range of grooming services. All Hair Cuts Include the Following:

Gland Expression

Nail Trimming

Foot Pad Trimming (available upon request)